I’m on a mission to personally transform & elevate the lives of ten thousand women, the way my life was transformed and elevated.


My life wasn’t always this way.


I started my career as a pharmacist, and right from pharmacy school, I knew I did not want to be a pharmacist, but I didn’t have a sense of my own personal power and so I went along and people pleased.

I lived like this for years and as a result, ended up, deeply unhappy, with many unbalanced relationships where I gave more than I was given and some were even deeply toxic. I had lost touch with who I was and eventually my body started to show the damage being done to my heart and soul. I had gained over 300 pounds and even though my body had become bigger, I had shrunk and I was a shadow of the woman I was born to be.

I was frumpy, unhappy, insecure and wounded.

I looked for validation in my marriage and in my friendships and nothing worked.

I had become so disconnected from my womanhood and disconnected from God, our source. My self image had become twisted up in patriarchal and misogynistic perversions of the truth. We are feminine beings made in the image of God, designed to work in concert with the masculine.

I had totally lost myself. But I started to do my work and that took me to my path of purpose and calling.

So I went back to Georgetown University and studied Organizational and change leadership. Got certified as a social and emotional intelligence coach and as a Diversity and Inclusion trainer at Cornell University.
Now I work as an executive coach, speaker, trainer and I host extraordinary experiences and lead the Iconic Woman Mastermind to elevate and transform women.


“As a busy attorney, wife, and mother, I often find myself needing to be refreshed. I would recommend Ekene’s Refresh With Ekene program to anyone who is seeking to utilize personal coaching as a means of self-discovery and service to others. Ekene is passionate about helping you become the best person you can be. Work with Ekene if you are serious about becoming actively involved in transforming yourself and your world and reaching your fullest potential. 

- Jill Johnson, Attorney, Atlanta


“Ekene’s sessions were packed full of valuable insights. I really loved that we started with the inner work around our current reality before creating our plan for where we want to go. The Aha’s gained during the inner work session were very deep for me. During the planning session I was pleasantly surprised to be introduced to a new framework for planning that is outside my normal routine. I thoroughly enjoy planning and thought I knew all the methods there were to know! But the lifelong learner in me embraced the techniques that Ekene has developed over her years of experience, and I am still soaking in all the material. After attending one of Ekene’s events, I always feel taken care of, heard, and validated. I love recommending her to others because I know they won’t be disappointed!


- Iffath Lotallah, Accountant/Goal Realization coach

Motivation comes from within - and I'm here to help you activate it .