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Feminine Prosperity Course 

Are you considered “successful” but down inside you feel as if you could do more, have more, be more?

Are you tired of being “busy” and you have no more room on your TO DO list?

This is like the reset your brain and mind needs!

This go at your own pace course is what you need to do the very necessary inner work for outer prosperity!

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Prospering In The Wilderness Season

Are you ready to prosper no matter what?

This masterclass is for women who want to elevate no matter the season.

Learn how to navigate difficult seasons with grace so that you prosper. You will also learn the spiritual and practical strategies that will keep you evergreen, like trees planted by the water...Strategies that even if you are in uncertain times, will help you operate in peace and you don’t fall to pieces.

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Elevate In Your Career And Business

Communicate With Charisma Masterclass 

With 2 unique & necessary parts. this masterclass is what you need to stand out and be seen. Get the replay to;

  • Learn how to captivate any audience and leave a lasting impression.

  • Learn how to master body language, tone, and word choice to effectively communicate your ideas and personality.

  • Learn how to be a master communicator in a way that feels natural and true to who you are.

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Relationship-prep Mastercourse Series


In this mastercourse series, you have 4 masterclasses.
Each masterclass is in-depth and broken into parts.

Feminine & Masculine energy Masterclass:

  • Master how to live in balance as a feminine being. Learn how to create sexual polarity for optimal love and intimacy in relationships.

Becoming a Highly Desirable Woman Masterclass:

  • Understand how to appear more desirable no matter your shape, size or age by discovering your authentic desire archetype and learning how to leverage it.

Passion Masterclass:

  • Understand how to leverage passion to enhance your quality of life and set you apart as a woman.
  • Understanding Pleasure and sensuality and how it differs from sexuality and how to infuse it into your life to be more womanly and connected in your relationships. 
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Emotional Wellness  

Emotional Wellness Masterclass

This masterclass (which is delivered over several short videos) will allow you to increase your emotional intelligence and create a personal strategy to stay in optimal emotional health.

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Being An Emotionally Present Mother 

Are you fully present?

Some people become unavailable without even knowing it and as a mother this can cause difficult relationships.

As a mother, its important to be able to sit with difficult, upsetting, or challenging emotions, both in yourself and in your children, and to not run away from, dismiss, or attempt to minimize them.

In this very valuable replay, you will learn how to navigate this.

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